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ホームExplanation page for overseas deliveries.
Sorry. We have only a Japanese website. But...

We can ship overseas.
We use EMS (Express Mail Service) for delivery.

Check rates and delivery days

In the case, The packing weight of your order is 800g.
Standard of the shipping fee and the arrival days.
shipping fee *11,900 yen2,650 yen4,740 yen3,900 yen3,900 yen
arrival days *22~3days3~4days3~5days3~5days4~6days
*1 : The shipping fee is different depending on the packing weight.
*2 : This is not the days from an order to arrival.
       It is the days from shipment to arrival.
       It usually takes 1-2 days from an order to shipment.
We will check a shipping cost and will tell you, after getting an order from you.

Please put into a cart the goods which you want.

A: Quantity

B: Add to Cart

If you push the B button, the screen will change.

If possible, please do not buy fragile products,
such as glass and a china.
We do not compensate breakage.
(When there is breakage,
please inquire the Delivery trader who sent to you.)

The contents of cart.
A: quantity

B: quantity change

C: delete

D: sum total of the goods amount of money

E: go to checkout

If you still buy others, push the button in which a browser returns.
If you finish shopping, push the E button.

Please check the contents of the cart. Please input your customer data.

Members (Shopping for the second time and after.)
A: mail address

B: password

C: login

Shopping for the first time
D: register member, and buy

E: Buy without registering

If you push C or D or E buttons, an input screen appears.

A: your full name(Not Chinese character. Don't use a double byte character. Use alphabet.)

B: not input (When you choose the out of Japan in lower D, this column is not required input.)

C: postal code

D: Japanese local choices
The bottom is out of Japan, so please choose this.

E: your address

F: your Email address

G: your telephone number

H: Do you subscribe to the e-mail magazine from us?
Left: Yes. Right: No.

I: password (From 4 characters to 20 characters)
and password again.

J: returns to previous screen

K: goes to next screen
When "Buy without registering" is chosen as the past screen, password columns are not indicated.

You have to do nothing by this page.

A: receiver's address (Not necessary to touch. Push a button, only when shipping to the place different from your registration address.)

B: designate delivery day (Don't touch. In overseas delivery, we can't respond to your hope.)

C: Wrapping request (Not necessary to touch. Selection of gift-wrapping. In overseas delivery, we cannot respond.)

D: comment of wrapping

E: Remarks, Notes

F: returns to previous screen

G: goes to next screen

Input credit card information

You choose a method of payment on this screen.

A: Payment in a credit card. (Choose this. )

You became able to choose paypal now.

A credit card number input column appears.
A: Credit card number (No space, No hyphen)

B: term of validity of a card (month / year)

C: The name of the card holder

D: Card security code

E: number of times of payment (Initial value is one lump sum pay.)

F: returns to previous screen

G: goes to next screen

The check of the contents of your input

Shipping charge is 2900JPY on this screen.
This is the automatic calculated value.
But the actual shipping charge is different depending on the weight.

A: returns to previous screen

B: Buy!

Finish order

Thank you very much!

When an order is completed, you receive a email from us. (Auto-reply email by Japanese language)

When an email did not arrive, maybe you input a wrong mail address.
Please email us by English at that time.

We will check a shipping cost and will tell you by English mail, after getting an order from you.
If you are satisfied, We will ship the goods which you ordered.
When shipping charge is lower than 2900JPY, we may ship your order without waiting for your reply.
If you are dissatisfied, Your credit card is not charged.
You can also cancel a part of order. Then, we re-calculate and show you a new mailing cost.